Saturday, April 7, 2012

Biking - Unwinding from the shackles of sorrow

I just happened to be discussing with my friend as to what it would be like to just hop on to a bike and zoom off to an unknown destination, to run away from the monotonous routine and seek the ultimate goal that is peace. I have so often imagined that I am decked up with all this biking gear and am riding all alone on this empty highway with no one to stop me or question me or even penalize me for my mistake. Biking is not about riding fast or showing off our machine or dodging signals or crashing into vehicles. Biking simply means a one on one session with ourselves just to give some respect to ourselves for a change. The emotional connect we share with our machine as if it were  our pet horse is something we cannot put into words and explain. We some how feel that zooming off on that bike for a long ride would some how alliviate us of our problems or atleast give us a few moments of peace. This is precisely the reason so many bikers set off on long journeys or to unknown destinations not because they don't have any alternate modes of transport but simply because they love it!. Biking from my perspective is that pandora's box with unseen surprises and unknown conventions. Thus biking could be an art, a hobby or even a myth but one thing I know for sure, for people who really understand biking, even a thud into a pit should seem like a ride on the swing!

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  1. Beautifully written... Biking or better say Riding is not about speeding but about, as you expressed, 'one on one session with ourselves just to give some respect to ourselves for a change'.
    It's not just a hobby, but a religion :)

    1. Thank you Punit. The surge of happiness people actually experience when riding is when they have connected emotionally with their machines.

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  4. Thanks syed, that is very encouraging!