Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A hiatus that caused an itch

I'm done giving excuses, people! I wouldn't even dare to hide under the cloak of the word 'busy', because that seems to be gaining too much of importance in my dictionary  of life. I know I sometimes seem to talk like I am some Himalayan saint but hey, aren't we all screwed in our heads. It has been four good months since I last posted and since then I have always been wanting to write about something but kept holding back saying that I have nothing new to talk about. Well, I always say that I have to give way to this extra surge of creative energy and what better and easier to take up than writing.It used to be easier said than done and like  I said, the more I thought about blogging the more frustrating it used to get; you could sort of picture the typical scene 'he loves me, he loves me not'. So, dishing all my inhibitions into the dustbin, I am very much back again with some new news and renewed energy. I have regained control of my garden from mom (don't think so much on that, I definitely didn't stage a coupe) but, just relieved her of all the duties she had towards the plants. I would dress up this blog post neatly by showing you some glimpses of my garden and the blooms that have decorated my garden during the monsoons. So here they are!

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