Monday, March 5, 2012

My childhood- A Memory Or Just a dream


How happy were those days….
When we were so very small,
When problems seemed petty
With worries not too many.
When, a single toothless smile
Would make us a celebrity
With words too few
Crying would surely do
Toys were our life
And acquiring them seemed to be our only goal

Gone are those days………..
When, we were innocent
And pure at heart
Just like young baby birds
We were yet to make a start
Ambitions didn’t exist
And emotions mattered a swat
When people gave us candies
And, we jumped into their arms

Rummaging through those memories
I fail to recognize the baby,
The smile in the picture
Seems to be lost on my face.
O’h, I wish I were that baby again
So I could leap into the arms of my parents again
I wish I could go back in time
When innocence was bliss
And imagination was heaven.

-By Nishanth Raghuram


  1. Lovely poem :) And we do miss our childhood days and those innocence...

  2. Thank you Maya, and so many times in our lives we keep wishing we become those babies we once were, because being an adult is taxing!

  3. very lovely poem. I do miss the innocent smile and the innocent world.. guess there is a way to get it back, but it is a tough route. It is much easier to stay on the way we are..

    lol.. your poem has sparked off some philosophical thoughts. Nice!

    1. Hi sukanya, nice to know that you liked the poem. We long to do so many things as adults when we are children but always forget that the grass always appears to be greener on the other side, but if god gave us a little maturity during our childhood,we'd learn to cherish that period.