Thursday, March 22, 2012

Solitude - A Cherished Companion

Hello fellow earthlings! It so often feels like we are this mamoth crowd stuck on this planet, where, each day we are made to face situations good and bad as if, we are some guinea pigs and the almighty, a scientist. Sometimes, we keep running away from situations and after a while we just feel like sitting down and taking a break. The monotony literally bites and hence we go underground. I have been feeling the same. It seems like solitude is the only solution and much to our liking it is a very comfortable phase to move into. Offlate I more than often feel like shunning major social interactions, not because I feel insecure but, just that I cannot bring myself to agree to go with the flow. A person whom I value a lot always asks me to drop all the lousy emotional baggage and just take a dip in the river called 'life' which by my reckoning leads to the ocean of 'happiness'. But on the flip side I want to thorougly soak into the current phase and forget about the rest. I still love all the people who are close to me but just want to take a pit stop in this lengthy race. Because, we humans are meant to be social and the protocol commands that we interact with our environment and fellow humans. Obviously humans cannot take a sabatical from the daily course of life but can still try to ponder over what is currently happening to them. I believe that these phases are all dark tunnels at the end of which awaits happiness with open arms. We ought to call a truce with our inner self to be happy. So, I guess, I'll get going and do what I actually like. Who knows, I may actually bring myself some inner peace!